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A Sleep Problem SOLUTION


Sleep... none of us can do without it!

Good sound sleep goes hand in hand with good health. If you are deprived of restful sleep over an extended period of time your body and brain can no longer function effectively.

A condition known as Chronic Fatigue can develop, leading to a malfunctioning immune system, increased viral and bacterial infections, skin problems, depression, headaches and much more...

As we grow older sound sleep can often be elusive which is why the majority of prescriptions for sleeping tablets are issued to middle aged and older individuals. There are some serious problems with the continued use of prescription sleeping tablets... not only do they have side effects, but most disconcertingly there is a real danger of addiction.

Certain herbs such as Valarian and Chamomile have for centuries been well known to help promote sleep... but for modern style living with ever increasing stress and pressure, herbs on their own are just not potent enough to help resolve sleep disorders. They must be combined with other specialty natural substances such as SAMe, Vincopetine and D-Phenylalanine for maximum benefits.

As many of these sophisticated ingredients, such as SAMe, are damaged by stomach acids and made immediately ineffective, it is crucial that the ingredients must be able to pass through the stomach safely and reach the intestine, where they can be thoroughly absorbed and successfully assimilated.  INSOMNIA RELIEF SOLUTIONS