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How to Regain Natural Energy – Stop Feeling Tired




You can regain natural energy and stop feeling tired with the right supplement regimen. Although the advertising and marketing campaigns of some supplement manufacturers say otherwise, there are no magic pills. No single nutrient is effective in the long run. You need a regimen in order to ensure your nutrient intake is optimal. It all starts with a good foundation. 


·        The Foundation 


The foundation is a multi-nutritional formula that includes essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in optimal quantities based on a person’s sex and age. As you learned in my last article, you need fewer calories as you age, but your nutritional requirements remain about the same.  


Cells need to be replaced. New muscle fibers need to be created. New bone needs to be built. New brain cells and neurons need to be created. 


In order for the body to create those things, it needs the right building blocks. Amino acids are probably the most important of the building blocks. Research has shown that you can regain natural energy by increasing your intake of: 


·   L-arginine 

·   L-lysine 

·   L-tyrosine 

·   L-methionine 


L-carnosine is created from lysine and methionine within the body. It energizes the cells of your body and has been shown in multiple studies to raise resting metabolism. Not only does increased metabolism help you stop feeling tired. It also helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Remember that being overweight is a cause of fatigue. 


·        Omega-3 Fish Oil 


I always say that if you can only take one supplement every day, it should be omega-3 fish oil, but that is because of all the health benefits provided by the supplement. It is not particularly beneficial for someone who wants to stop feeling tired.  


However, there is a combination supplement that provides all of the omega-3 benefits, as well as an energy-boost. The supplement contains omega-3 fish oil, ubiquinol, lycopene and astaxanthin.  


Ubiquinol is a bioavailable form of the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. It helps you regain natural energy, because of the antioxidant activity and because COQ10 is an essential component of the metabolic pathway. 


Ubiquinol is more effective than other COQ10 supplements for people over the age of 40, because your body has to convert the COQ10 to ubiquinol. It is most effective when taken with fish oil, because of the way the fatty acids are absorbed into the bloodstream. 


Lycopene and astaxanthin have proven to be beneficial for people who want to stop feeling tired. They are most effective when dissolved in a fish oil solution because they are fat soluble (not water soluble) vitamins. 


·        Bee Pollen 


Bee pollen completes the supplement regimen necessary to regain natural energy. It also helps people lose weight by reducing food cravings. You can eat less, still feel satisfied and stop feeling tired. 


If all you need is an occasional boost, bee pollen is an excellent choice. It can be taken only as needed for a quick boost or it can be taken on a daily basis to help you regain natural energy regardless of your age. ENERGY LACK OF RELIEF SOLUTIONS