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Colds, Flu and Immunity


The Common Cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. It is a catarrhal disorder recognised by episodes of sneezing, acute rhinitis with nasal discharge and congestion, chills and a possible temperature.

Influenza (“The Flu”) is an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract. It is highly contagious and is caused by 1 of 3 influenza virus strains (A, B, and C).

The immune system is the body’s inbuilt system of protection for every organ from outside biological microorganisms. It is a natural or acquired (active or passive) resistance to disease. 

Recommended Supplement: Immu-Stay 


What makes Immu-Stay so effective?

In order to cater for these concerns we developed Immu-Stay. It can be taken in addition to Total Balance at the rate of just 3 tablets per day, or by itself at 6 tablets per day. If you are taking Total Balance you may only want the extra boost from Immu-Stay for 3 - 4 months of the year.