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Bones and Joint Problems Solutions – Preventing Osteoporosis

There are numerous risk factors of osteoporosis. Some of the risk factors are “modifiable”. Only a few, such as being female and your heredity, cannot be changed. Here’s a look at how you can reduce your risk of developing the bone and joint problems caused by osteoporosis.

Bone-Support is a supplement that provides the most effective natural protection against osteoporosis and bone density loss.

Drink in Moderation

Both excessive soda intake and excessive alcohol intake can increase your risk. So, when you drink anything other than water, drink in moderation. In terms of alcohol, moderate drinking is two drinks or less per day for men and 1 drink per day for women.

Don’t Smoke

This should be a no-brainer for anyone. Smoking is dangerous to your health in so many ways and people who smoke have a greater risk of osteoporosis.

Do Weight Bearing Exercise, but Avoid Overdoing It

The easiest kind of weight-bearing exercise to do is walking. If walking seems too easy, carry some extra weight with you, like a loaded back pack. Weight bearing exercise strengthens the bones, as well as the muscles. As we age, strong muscles help reduce our risk of falling and provide more protection for our bones.

Weight-bearing exercise, aerobics and resistance exercises help to maintain or even increase bone mineral density in postmenopausal women, according to researchers. So, even if you know you are showing signs of osteoporosis, exercise can help.

When we talk about overdoing it, we are talking primarily about young female athletes who train excessively. Excessive training in women results in reduced estrogen production, which interferes with bone-building.

Eat Right

While planning menus that are nutritionally complete takes time, it is very important to try and eat right, at least most of the time. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy olive oil, nuts and fish are the best choice. They provide most of the nutrients that you need. A good dietary supplement is like a bit of insurance. If something is missing from your daily diet, and it often is, your supplement protects you.

Choose Supplements Carefully

While calcium and magnesium supplements are typically recommended, many of the cheap supplements on the market may have no benefit and they could even be detrimental to your health. If you take calcium, for example, but you are not getting enough vitamin K, the extra calcium could be deposited in your arteries instead of your bones. That would increase your risk of heart disease.

A good bone protecting supplement is one that contains vitamin C, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), vitamin K2, calcium, magnesium, boron, silicon and strontium. The best ones also contain mangosteen extract.

Oxidation must play a role in bone loss as it does in general aging. While vitamin C is an antioxidant, it is not very potent. Mangosteen extracts contain a variety of very potent antioxidants that help protect the bones from oxidation.

A good multi-nutritional supplement is also helpful, as a lack of any essential nutrient can interfere with bone-building. There is hope that osteoporosis can be prevented, regardless of your sex or your genes, by following the advice mentioned here.

Strong bones are essential for your long term health and wellbeing. Unfortunately many people have their lives cut short prematurely due to bone fractures from a fall and the flow on complications from surgery etc.

Natural Treatments

The most important truth to keep in mind when considering options to improve the density of your bones is that just taking extra calcium on its own is NOT the answer.

Bone-Support is a supplement that provides the most effective natural protection against osteoporosis and bone density loss.


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