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Bones & Joint Problems  



During your childhood, teens and 20s your bones and joints mature.  By age 30 your bones are at their strongest and most dense.  As you continue to age you can begin to lose this bone density.  Your bones may weaken and have problems absorbing vitamins and minerals from your digestive tract.


  • In 2005 around 2,570 new cases of bone and joint cancer were diagnosed, with osteosarcoma being 50% more common in males than in females
  • Osteoporosis affects around 25 million Americans per year, 80% of whom are women


The most prevalent cause of weak bones and joints is nutritional deficiency.  This is not just from dietary insufficiency, but also from underlying illness and natural body chemical and hormonal imbalances that have developed from years of nutritional misuse.


Initially your practitioner will ask you about your symptoms and your medical history, as well as carrying out a physical examination for bone tenderness, swelling or redness.

Blood tests may be performed, along with imaging studies, x-rays and ultrasound where deemed necessary.

Signs & Symptoms

Symptoms of problems with your skeletal system can vary according to the specific condition and its cause. However, general and common symptoms of bone and joint disorders include:


A balanced lifestyle with regular exercise is important for you to maintain all round good health.

Eating a good diet, quitting smoking and keeping active are all helpful, but you need to take more specific measures to prevent bone and joint malfunction, and treat it just as specifically should it occur.

Conventional Treatments

Millions of medications are prescribed each year, but most (if not all) have underlying side effects that can be extremely dangerous to your health.

All of the below are used to treat (suppress) symptoms of the following:

Rheumatism, Arthritic conditions, Gout, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Sprains and Strains

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

  • Naproxen
  • Indomethacin.
These can relieve your inflammation, pain and stiffness of many types of arthritis, gout, rheumatism, carpel tunnel syndrome...

Natural Treatments

A regular daily intake of key nutrients will greatly improve your bone health and joint function. Selected nutrients will help avoid deficiencies that can lead to the loss of valuable bone minerals, and the same nutrients also help to build those losses back up should you find yourself already in a disease state.  BONE PROBLEMS RELIEF SOLUTIONS