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Cardio-Support Supplement 

Supports cardiovascular health & function

  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels! 
  • Contains Nattozimes® to help maintain a healthy circulatory system! 
  • Supports heart muscle health and function! 


What else can I do to enhance the benefits of taking Cardio-Support?

Diet is extremely important; eating a diet high in fibre, fresh fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats and salt is a good start.  We recommend following a healthy dietary regime along with appropriate nutritional supplementation as well as moderate exercise, as this will help you get the best from your supplements and increase your overall immunity and health.

We would also suggest using our Omega 3/QH Ultra fish oil, which includes a bio available CoQ10 to support the heart.  This prodict is especially useful for individuals using statin medication, as it helps to replenish levels of CoQ10 that may become depleted as a result of this type of medication.