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Arthritis is a term that applies to any condition of an inflammatory nature leading to painful or stiffness of the joints.

Arthritis Natural Solutions

There are many types of arthritis.

Regardless of the type, there are certain things you can do to naturally reduce your arthritic pain and other symptoms. Your doctor may recommend a variety of treatments, but “self-care” is also important. Here’s what you can do to help yourself.

Lose Weight

If you are overweight or obese, losing weight, and body fat especially, will help to reduce your pain and may also help prevent further joint degeneration. According to studies, reducing excess body fat not only reduces pain in the weight-bearing joints, but also reduces symptoms in all the joints of the body. This is likely due to the chronic inflammation that occurs as a result of excessive body fat.

Good Nutrition - Eat Right

Good nutrition is important regardless of your weight. People often think that an overweight person could not have a nutritional deficiency, but that is not the case. Doctors have found that many overweight and obese people suffer from vitamin D deficiency and chronic vitamin D deficiency may actually be a cause of rheumatoid arthritis.

Necessary Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone-building in the body. A lack of the essential nutrient softens bones and joints. It is important to choose a dietary supplement that provides vitamin D3, also called cholecalciferol. Other types of vitamin D are not well absorbed by the body. Cholecalciferol is the type that your skin makes in response to exposure to UV light. You may think of it as the most “natural” kind.

Calcium and magnesium are minerals that are often recommended for osteoarthritis and for the age-related osteoporosis, but you should not take those minerals unless you also take vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 works to ensure that the minerals are deposited in the right places (the bones and the blood) but not in the wrong places. Excessive minerals can form calcification in the blood vessels, cause bone spurs and even calcification of soft tissues. Vitamin K2 prevents that from happening.

Omega-3 is Very Important

Omega-3 fish oil is one of the most popular dietary supplements in the world. The benefits for arthritis include increased mobility and better joint function, decreased pain and reduced inflammation throughout your body. In fact, one of the first known uses of fish oil was among fishermen to reduce pain in the joints of their hands. Just be aware that some brands of fish oil have more anti-inflammatory activity than others. Green Lipped Mussel Powder.

Another dietary supplement you may consider is the whole food Green Lipped Mussel Powder. Green Lipped Mussel is a source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and a type of carbohydrate commonly called MPS. MPS are found in only a few foods and are known to play a role in healthy metabolism, joint health and bone growth. The supplement may help reduce inflammation and naturally relieve occasional pain.

Regular NOT Irregular Exercise

Regular exercise is also important. Inactivity leads to joint stiffness and decreased joint function, while gentle physical activity reduces stiffness and improves joint function. Good nutrition and good dietary supplements can help give you the energy you need to exercise.

If fatigue is still a problem, consider taking bee pollen.  It is a natural energy booster that does not cause unpleasant side effects. Bee pollen can also help if you need to lose weight, because of its natural ability to reduce food cravings.

Use a Quality Manufacturer - Stick With It

If you decide to take a combination of different supplements, you should stick with the same manufacturer to avoid interactions. You should also check with your doctor if you are taking medications, although the supplements mentioned here do not interfere with drug metabolism, some supplements do.

With the self-care you have read about here, you should find that your arthritis pain and symptoms are significantly reduced

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