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Arthritis Pain: How to Reduce the Discomfort


1.  As the many arthritis suffers know, the condition can be very painful to live with. Here are a list of tips for those who have arthritis, to learn how to reduce or even eliminate the pain or discomfort caused by arthritis. These tips may not completely do away with your pain, but they should ease it a bit.

2.  Taking a hot shower in the morning can do a lot to help ease your arthritis pain. To reduce flare ups and to loosen all of your joints, consider taking hot showers when you first wake up. Showers make fine treatments because they affect all of your joints. 


3.  Stay on the lookout for new arthritis treatments. Doctors often shy away from new treatments when the current one is being effective. If you find something that you thing would help you more, talk to your doctor about it. 


4.       Hot wax could be an alternative form of therapy for arthritis sufferers. Pain from inflammation that is focused mostly in your hands or feet can be soothed by immersing the affected part in hot wax. The hot wax works like a warm bath, concentrating the warmth on the affected fingers and toes. 


5.       Before you resort to surgery for arthritis of the knee, try sporting a knee brace for a while. Braces can reduce painful inflammation and swelling, preventing you from using your last resort of surgery. You can wear a knee brace at anytime even at night. 


6.       Keep a close eye on what you are eating. The reason is because some sufferers of arthritis could have sensitivities to certain types of food that they don't realize. Keep a food journal, and mark in any times when your arthritis symptoms flare-up. You might be able to identify a food which you react to. 


7.       Try to recycle your shoes if they are in really poor shape. Shoes that have worn out place more pressure on your joints and don't offer adequate support. 


8.       Arthritis is tiring, so be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation. Meditation, deep breathing techniques, a warm bath or even yoga can help you calm your mind and revitalize your body. Indulging in just those few moments of relaxation can give you the fuel you need to continue the day's activities. 


9.       Losing weight and getting more fit can help you reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Sometimes excess weight could be a factor in your arthritis, and simply losing some weight could reduce your pain and discomfort. Even losing a moderate amount of weight can provide significant relief. 


Hopefully, you've learned a valuable tip or two that you can use to fight the discomfort or pain caused by your arthritis. Remember, these are only a few of the many pieces of advice that are out there and if nothing here helps, don't give up your search! Eventually, you'll find something that works for you.  ARTHRITIS RELIEF SOLUTIONS