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Anxiety brings on a combination of feelings. You may experience fear, nervousness, restlessness and/or apprehensiveness.

While there are a variety of medications that may be helpful for anxiety, there are also natural solutions that can reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life. Here, you can learn about those solutions.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes could address the potential causes. For example, cutting out or cutting back on caffeine could be very helpful. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption could also be in order.

Exercising more is helpful in all cases and is good for your health. Exercising reduces restlessness, tension and many other symptoms. Exercising also helps with the normal anxiousness that accompanies a new job, a job interview or a social event.

Improving your nutrient intake either by eating healthier or by taking dietary supplements is another good idea. Fish oil supplements, for example, have helped many people with anxiety and panic disorders. This is likely due to the benefits of the omega-3 DHA.  Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil

DHA is needed for the brain to function normally and most people do not get enough of the nutrient. We are seeing more DHA-fortified foods on the market, because the nutrient is found naturally only in fatty fish like salmon. Fish oil supplements are usually a less expensive choice that fortified foods or eating salmon every day.

Practice Coping Skills

Since much anxiety is believed to be caused by a lack of coping skills, practicing those skills can reduce the symptoms and allow you to do things you have been avoiding. The appropriate coping skills vary depending on the type of anxiety. For generalized anxiety and panic disorders, it may be difficult to identify the necessary coping skills. It’s much easier to make recommendations for other types.

In test anxiety, learning test-taking skills or tactics is helpful. In performance anxiety including stage fright, the solution often comes with time. As you become accustomed to performing in front of others, the anxiousness lessens. The fear of embarrassment is often the underlying problem. Simply learning that everyone gets embarrassed from time to time can be a big help.

When it comes to meeting strangers or interacting socially, the solution is usually to do those things more often. Social skills or graces also come with practice.

Consider Herbal Remedies

Many people drink alcohol in order to relax or cope with social interactions. Moderate drinking is okay but alcohol can actually worsen feelings of anxiety the following day. Sometimes people say or do things under the influence of alcohol that cause embarrassment later. Herbs may be a good alternative to alcohol.

Herbs that are known to have an anti-anxiety effect include valerian roots, chamomile, hops and passion flower. You need to be careful about the dosage when using these kinds of herbs, as they can cause drowsiness. There are some good multi-nutritional supplements that include all of those ingredients in small amounts to help reduce feelings of anxiety without making you drowsy.

The herbs can also help you sleep, which can further reduce your symptoms. While sleep may not be a cure for anxiety, a good night’s sleep can certainly make you feel more relaxed and confident. 

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